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The short circuit study conform to the latest standards as set by the IEEE and ANSI and include calculations for maximum available fault current at each medium voltage substation, switchgear, switchboards, motor control centers, distribution panelboards, branch panelboards, and other significant locations through-out the electrical distribution system.

The study includes medium voltage switchgear, low voltage switchgear, generator switchgear, distribution switchgear, transfer switches, distribution panelboards, dry-type transformers, and other electrical equipment that are applicable to a project. The study will cover the normal system operation, alternate operation, and any operation, which would result in critical coordination.

The protective device coordination study will be used to select and verify the correct protective relay/setting characteristics and adjustability of the associated low voltage molded case breakers involved. The phase to ground overcurrent protection will be included as well as the settings for all adjustable devices within the scope of basic services.